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Development of Lightweight Unmanned Aerial Vehicles


Dara Aviation designs, develops, and manufactures lightweight unmanned flight systems for customers around the world. Our goal is to simplify unmanned systems to improve efficiency, increase reliability, and reduce cost.

The D-1 is a functional and affordable UAV solution. Its price is competitive with many smaller UAV systems, but its payload capability and range enable it to perform missions only a large scale UAV can normally accomplish. The D-1 can carry a 4 to 10 kg payload, consisting of cameras, meteorological instruments, magnetometers, or other sensors depending on customer requirements. A 50 watt generator coupled to the engine can be provided for payload use.

The D-1 is a highly versatile long-range Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). Its configuration is called a “Joined Bi-Diamond Wing.” This unique and advanced configuration offers significant advantages over conventional airframes, such as low induced drag, minimal internal construction, and high lift capability.

The D-1 has a strong lightweight composite structure capable of handling ± 5G maneuvers. The airframe can be easily configured for different payloads and missions.

 It can be launched using a variety of methods, including a catapult and a car top launcher.  In the most basic method, with a tricycle fixed landing gear, the D-1 is able to take-off and land on unprepared runways such as gravel or grass fields.















The D-1 has both manual and autonomous flight modes. The D-1 Autopilot navigates a programmed flight plan consisting of GPS waypoints. The flight plan can be updated in-flight. Communication between

the D-1 and its ground station is via radio or satellite modem (for over-the-horizon missions) depending on the customer requirements.



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